Pistachio Dining at Torrens

Mmm…Brains 🙂

The Old Yummy Lummy

Bron has bought an Entertainment Book. The plan is to eat our way through the book 🙂 The book provides a substantial discount on a large number of restaurants in Canberra. The value for food lovers is obvious.

On Thursday night Bron and I went to Pistachio Dining at Torrens for dinner. When we arrived for our 8 pm reservation we noticed the restaurant had just under half of its tables occupied and we noticed that night’s service only required one waiter. We were greeted with a friendly smile and shown to a table for two near the back wall of the dining room. The rectangular dining area was very large without any poles or pillars. One wall is the front window panel that reveals the carpark of the Torrens’ shops. At 8 pm on a May evening it’s dark and atmospheric. The restaurant is nicely heated 🙂

The menu is…

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About Gary Lum

I like living and being satisfied professionally and personally. I like to cook food, photograph it and then eat it. I have a few websites. I really like food, blogging, photography and now podcasting. I also love being a pathologist and being valued in my workplace. Anything you read in these pages is my opinion and does not reflect that of my employer. If you have concerns about what I share please contact me through the contact page. I've also started a podcast called Medical Fun Facts. Search for it on YouTube, iTunes and Stitcher if you want to listen.
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