Pistachio Dining at Torrens

Mmm…Brains 🙂

The Old Yummy Lummy

Bron has bought an Entertainment Book. The plan is to eat our way through the book 🙂 The book provides a substantial discount on a large number of restaurants in Canberra. The value for food lovers is obvious.

On Thursday night Bron and I went to Pistachio Dining at Torrens for dinner. When we arrived for our 8 pm reservation we noticed the restaurant had just under half of its tables occupied and we noticed that night’s service only required one waiter. We were greeted with a friendly smile and shown to a table for two near the back wall of the dining room. The rectangular dining area was very large without any poles or pillars. One wall is the front window panel that reveals the carpark of the Torrens’ shops. At 8 pm on a May evening it’s dark and atmospheric. The restaurant is nicely heated 🙂

The menu is…

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Water’s Edge on a quiet Friday night in Canberra


The Old Yummy Lummy

Last night Bron and I had dinner at a favourite Canberra restaurant, viz., Water’s Edge in Parkes. We’d been there a couple of time before and enjoyed it. It’s part of the Courgette-Water’s Edge group in Canberra.

I noticed in Amanda Whitley’s blog, HerCanberra that a guest blogger, Trish had listed it as her number one this week.

Friday had been a lovely day, we’d been for a walk around Kaleen and had gone to see The Hobbit Desolation of Smaug at the Dendy Cinema complex. I’ve already described breakfast in the last post and for lunch in anticipation of a nice meal we settled for a choc top during the movie. The evening was very fresh and the water on Lake Burly Griffin was quite choppy. The flags outside the restaurant were flapping furiously and making an almighty racket.

We were offered a choice of the four…

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Giblet casserole

Well I finally bought some giblets and cooked with them. Not the traditional recipe from Mum but an opportunity to have giblets for lunches at work this week.

I was sort of inspired by Yummy Lummy’s friend Barb (the Salmon Fishing Queen) who blogged about giblets overnight.

The casserole is simple, viz., celery, carrot, onion, tomatoes and chicken pieces with the giblets. I also added a large egg plant (aubergine) to absorb all the flavours (curry powders, mixed herbs and spices) and add some bulk along with a little rice.

I’ll be able to heat this up at work and enjoy it for lunch.

Giblets from Belconnen Chicken

I bought 250 g of chicken giblets from Belconnen Chicken at Westfield Belconnen.

As I was preparing the casserole I also prepared some salmon for dinner.

I pat the salmon dry and get it to room temperature before frying.

As well as giblets I had chicken pieces and aubergine (egg plant) in there too.

There is lots of egg plant in there.

The salmon was pretty nice.

I served the salmon with cabbage, asparagus, broccolini, spring onions and coriander. The skin was super crispy.

After five hours at 150 °C it’s hard to discern the giblets. The flavour will be rich and amazing.

After five hours at 150 °C it’s hard to discern the giblets. The flavour will be rich and amazing.

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Indulging my disgusting or the best thing out of New Zealand

Canned corned beef

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Today I went to CostCo and did some shopping for things I don’t really need. In one aisle I spied some tinned corned beef from New Zealand. I love tinned corned beef and all its salty goodness. It reminds me of Saturdays after swimming and if Dad came home early from surgery he’d get a tin with some onions, curry powder and herbs and we’d have it as a toasted sandwich.

When I mention this sort of food to friends, I get told I’m disgusting. I figure I should post such disgusting delights from my DrOffal blog 🙂

The best thing from New Zealand

I like that it comes with juices.

Do you see the arterial walls and connective tissue goodness?

You have to have onions

In the wok of happinessNearly ready

Ready to eat. Yummo!

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Chicken giblets

One day soon I will cook giblets.


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